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Eat fat, get lean with a Ketogenic

THE ketogenic diet has been making waves in the health world recently. Described by some as ‘Atkins on steroids’, the ketogenic diet involves eating foods that are high in fat, contain just a moderate amount of protein and which are low in carbohydrates. Creators of the ketogenic diet claim that it encourages weight loss without people feeling hungry, and increases energy levels. Developed in the 1920s, the ketogenic diet is designed to get your body into a state called ‘ketosis’, where it burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. Your body also goes into a ketosis state when fasting....

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Drinks: separating ‘pure’ from ‘poison’

By Alexandra Treloar IT can be relatively easy to determine what foods are good for us and what are not, but drinks can be a little more deceptive, and marketing has a lot to do with it. Drinks from the supermarket, health food stores and cafes may be branded as ‘healthy’ but most of the time can be loaded with calories, caffeine, sugar and chemicals. The best drink is obviously water, so don’t fall for the trap of buying a drink that might sound like a healthy alternative, but is really just as bad as a soft drink. A...

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Ben’s got a recipe for success

CAREFUL preparation and quality produce have proven to be the recipe for success for young Mildura cook Ben Treloar. The first-year apprentice chef from Stefano’s Restaurant served the winning dish at SuniTAFE’s Chefs of the Future Cooking Competition last week, which saw eight of the region’s best apprentices battle it out in a MasterChef-like competition at the Sunraysia Farmers Market. The contestants were given 20 minutes to shop at the market, and one hour to cook a dish featuring lamb and produce sourced from the market. Ben’s winning dish featured lamb cooked two ways, served with rhubarb compote, sautéed...

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Flying through history with Jim

By Paul Mensch SITTING down for a conversation with Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) veteran Jim Keppler could best be described as a stop-start affair. The 90-year-old is a regular at the Mildura RSL, and as we sit at the bar, drinks in hand, his popularity becomes apparent as patrons and members greet him with handshakes, hellos and ‘shouts’ of beer – all of which are met with a big smile and happy replies. In a lot of ways, it’s like trying to have a beer with a celebrity, or at the very least, eating your lunch alongside the...

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The power is in the fit

THE PERFECT FIT: All About Me Undergear owner Sharyon Peart and team members Margie Rayson, Jenni Woodward and Maria Rodi, all agree that a well-fitted bra should be a priority for every woman. By Alexandra Treloar DON’T underestimate the power of a properly fitted bra. That’s the message that Mildura’s All About Me Undergear owner Sharyon Peart wants the women of Sunraysia to hear. “People don’t realise how much a correctly fitted bra contributes to a woman’s health and well-being,” Sharyon said. She believes that for some women, the experience can even be life-changing. “Very often when we fit...

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