SPRING CLEAN: Utilise the start of a new season to refresh your health and fitness routine.

By Alexandra Treloar

THE sun has finally begun to shine, the birds are singing (watch out for those magpies!), and Spring is well and truly in the air!

As we say goodbye to the dark Winter days, it’s time to reboot our routine and prepare for the warmer months.

1. Reacquaint with the great outdoors: After months of being rugged up and indoors, it’s time to breathe in some fresh Spring air! Adjust your workout routine to suit the outdoors. Go for a run in the park, ride a bike, swim, join an outdoor sport. Even if it’s just a walk, get outside for some clean air and vitamin D.

2. De-clutter: Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter your home and office. A cluttered environment can be disruptive to your well-being more than you may realise. Don’t feel like you have to clean the whole house in one go, just allocate an hour or so a week to one area, even if it is just one kitchen drawer, you’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.

3. Buy some new runners: Your worn-in runners may still be comfortable, but can be doing your feet more harm than good. Sneakers should be replaced ideally every three to six months, so if it has been longer than that, run over to your nearest sports store and get fitted for a new pair by a professional. Don’t just buy the pair that looks the best, injuries can start from improper footwear.

4. Organise your inbox: If you’re a person that lives in your emails, do yourself a favour and clean it out. Make folders for designated items, unsubscribe to junk mail that you are sick of seeing and delete unnecessary or old mail. You will be surprised at how refreshed you’ll feel when you reopen your emails.

5. Book some appointments: Stop putting off that doctor appointment, dental clean or chiropractic appointment that you’ve been too busy to get to. Dedicate some time to check in about your health. Without our health we have nothing.