SMELLING OUR WAY TO WELLNESS: ‘Clean living warrior’ Mandy Riordan was in Mildura recently to teach local residents about the benefits of essential oils, and how they’ve helped her fight back against lupus.

By Alexandra Treloar

WHILE essential oils have been around for years, it appears the highly concentrated scents are only recently experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

What was once seen as alternative or ‘hippie’, aromatherapy is now a part of the mainstream health world, and has become a common tool used to clean, combat illnesses and stress, and boost moods.

Ballarat-based ‘clean living warrior’ Mandy Riordan knows all too well about the power of essential oils, having used them for years to help relieve symptoms of lupus – an autoimmune disease.

The health guru and mother of three uses essential oils daily, and says they’ve had a positive influence on the health and well-being of her family.

“I started using essential oils to try and support my immune system with lupus, and from there I moved into using them to help reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals in the home,” Mandy said.

“Essential oils combined with my lifestyle helped get my immune system back on track.”

Mandy said she uses oils in everything from cooking and cleaning to tackling stress, improving her moods and even sleep.

“Every time we smell something it sends a message to the brain and the body reacts accordingly, it’s like muscle memory,” she said. “Like the calming blend for example, my daughter associates that with helping to reduce nervousness, so every time she comes across that smell her brain will produce a reaction to help calm her down.

“But the most powerful thing I’ve seen essential oils do is help me with my sleep.”

Mandy describes her journey with essential oils as being an empowering experience.

“We can’t control what chemicals are outside, but we can control what is in our house, so I think it is an empowering way to take control of your health and your home,” she said.

Mandy was in Mildura recently to host an essential oils workshop, and said the interest was positive. In fact, she plans to host another event in July.

“A lot more people turned up than I was expecting, and we got quite a bit of interest in the lead up, which was great,” Mandy said.

There are literally hundreds of essential oils that have a myriad of uses, so when asked to narrow it down, Mandy recommends citrus blends and frankincense as ‘go-to’ scents.

“Lemon oil is a great one to clean with, and you can also use it in food and drinks,” Mandy said.

“Citrus oils are a great way to wake up and give you a nice fresh bounce in the morning without caffeine.

“Frankincense is what they call the king of oils, it’s a brilliant oil to help cellular health, a lot of people use it in beauty blends, but it also boosts the properties of other oils as well.”

Mandy’s passion for holistic wellness has helped her create a strong social media following with her blog ‘My Clean Eats’ and Facebook page ‘Essentially Wyld Life’.

Mandy advocates for a high fat, low carb ‘clean’ diet that she says has led her to not requiring any medication to treat lupus.

“I want to empower individuals and families to eat cleanly without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen,” Mandy said.

“I no longer eat any processed foods or refined sugars, and the effect has been astounding.

“I’m healthier now than I have ever been, and amazingly, I am medication free.”

Mandy has dedicated the next 12 months to travelling around the country teaching others about the healing properties of aromatherapy, and plans to hold another workshop in Mildura next month.

Mandy’s Introduction to Essential Oils will be held on July 4 and July 5.

More information is available by contacting Mandy at, or phone 0450 553 200.