DEVELOPMENT of the Mildura Motorsports and Community Precinct is progressing, with Mildura Rural City Council planning to officially launch the project in two phases over the coming months.

The first phase of Council’s launch will include a presentation in Mildura later this month – designed to acknowledge the support of the Sunraysia motorsport industry and local community.

The presentation will also provide an update on the endorsed documents and marketing material.

The second phase will be a launch event in Melbourne in September targeting national, State and regional motorsports organisations and groups, as well as national and State tourism and government representatives.

Mildura Councillors endorsed a business case, staged development plan and investment prospectus for the precinct in February this year, with those documents since presented to the Victorian Government.

Additional work has also been completed on a 3D animation of what the proposed precinct will look like through its different stages.

A Mildura Rural City Council spokesperson this week said phase two of the official launch formed part of the ongoing advocacy for the project.

They said it would also offer an opportunity to attract broader interest and investment from individuals, businesses, clubs and other potential partners.

“This advocacy process is an important part of the process given the project is reliant on a public-private partnership to come to fruition,” the spokesperson said.

The proposed site for the Mildura Motorsports and Community Precinct has already been earmarked for what is known as ‘Block H’ in Koorlong, and is accessible by a sealed bitumen road.

The site is already home to the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association, which operates a one eighth mile sealed drag racing strip, while also being home to Dirtworx – a commercial business operating off-road junior and senior motorcycle circuits, motocross tracks and an enduro loop.

It is envisaged that should the Mildura Motorsports and Community Precinct go ahead, it will be able to host “a unique and diverse range of motorsport events,” while also becoming an important multi-use facility for tourist and community events.

Victorian Minister for Sport, Tourism and Major Events, John Eren, INSET, confirmed during a visit to Mildura this week that he had seen the business case for the Mildura Motorsports and Community Precinct.

“I’m in discussion with a number of Councils and Shires about all the wonderful opportunities that exist, and this (the Mildura Motorsports and Community Precinct) is one of them,” he said.

“We will be discussing, at length, with various Shires and Councils their plans and what they want out of government, and we are keen to work with Local Government, and would love the opportunity for the Federal Government to be involved somewhere along the line.”

Minister Eren said that with any infrastructure project, especially one on the scale of the Mildura Motorsports and Community Precinct, it was important that Council gets the business case right.

“The business case they provide has to be feasible and sustainable,” he said. “Once you tick all those boxes, then you approach different tiers of government.

“What we’re after is that the project stacks up, that it’s feasible, and that it’s going to work, and then we have a serious look at it.”