WITH the holiday season at a close, it would be fair to say that many local residents would be succumbing to ‘post-holiday blues.’

The first few days are definitely the hardest to handle, and even experts who regularly deal with post-holiday blues agree that for many, this is the toughest time of the year!

There are plenty of ways to handle post-Christmas despair, including using your home as a type of therapy.

The following tips will ensure that some of the holiday season charm lives on around you, making the first few weeks of the New Year a lot more pleasant.

1. The Sparkle of String Lights

Those twinkling rows of colourful Christmas lights, PICTURED, are probably the most noticeably missing feature once the holiday season ends. 

But you can continue to use them beyond the festive period, using them around your home all year long. 

This not only keeps the festive cheer around, but also brightens your home, providing the contemporary interior (or landscape) a colourful dazzle while lifting a sulking spirit.

From the bedroom to mirror frame and backyard, they fit in almost anywhere with ease.

2. A Sensible Makeover

The New Year is indeed a time of new beginnings, and is also a time to clean your home, box those holiday decorations and maybe think about a new colour scheme or decorating pattern.

But this does not mean you need to completely shun the old.

Do not clean frantically in an attempt to rid the home of all things that shout ‘holidays’.

Keeping around a little holiday cheer never hurt anyone!

3. Holiday Photos and Gallery Walls

Instead of reminiscing about the last few weeks, spend your weekends framing those memories and creating a collection of family photos that can proudly sit on your new gallery wall. 

Make sure that the spirit of your holiday trip lives on for the rest of year, and you will notice that as you get involved fully in a project, those holiday blues will start to fade.

4. Red, Green and Gold

Nothing says Christmas and New Year like red and green!

Why not embrace this colour scheme in a less festive but equally fun way even in the months beyond December.

Red and green are considered a great colour duo that easily stands out in rooms with a neutral backdrop.

You can even throw in a hint of gold (or a trendy metallic glint with copper pendants) to give the room a more fashionable look.

5. Plan Ahead!

Looking ahead to next year’s holiday season sounds absolutely crazy – it was only a few days ago that you were getting ready to welcome 2018, and both Christmas and New Year are now a good year away. 

So, what could you possibly plan for already? 

With the memories of this year’s festivities fresh in your mind, jot down things that went wrong, those minute details you wished you got right, decorations that you should have worked on earlier, and how you swore that next year it would all be very different.