TEAM SPIRIT: Des Robertson, left, and his team from the Wentworth Shire parks and gardens, Tim Snow, Ashley Yates, Trent Surgey, Jake Chapple and Bennett Scott.


DES Robertson and his crew from the Wentworth Shire Council’s parks and gardens team have been responsible for some amazing artwork in the district over the last few years.

The grand scale of the artwork they produce can be seen in the photos on this page.

They produce two to three different projects each year, mostly for Wentworth Council, but have also taken on other projects such as last year’s Willowfest logos at the Mildura Senior College and George Gordon Oval in Dareton.

These designs were seen by millions of people in India, as the games were streamed live into the county.

Each design starts as a sketch hand-drawn by Des on an A4 piece of paper. A grid is added, representing a 500mm square on the ground.

The ground is marked out with string and pegs, with the outline of the artwork added. Once complete Des and his team fill the outline in with colour.

The tractor design for last year’s Wentworth Tractor Rally encompassed the whole of the Wentworth Oval, with an aeroplane needed to capture the artwork’s grandeur.

The artwork at the entry to Gol Gol is another example of Des and his team seeing an opportunity and presenting a case. Initial plans were to plant trees, so Des went to the Council and presented his idea of a stone artwork featuring a tractor pulling a trailer full of oranges, and a water skier behind a speedboat. He was ultimately given the go-ahead.

The skier can be changed to Santa each Christmas season, meaning the design is timeless.

Each creation takes about 60 man-hours to create, and has to fit in around the team’s usual duties maintaining the Shire’s parks and gardens.

This does put pressure on the team but they all really enjoy the challenge, according to Des.

He said that events come around quickly, and “all of a sudden” he has to come up with a design.