AUSSIE legends Pseudo Echo have been musical chameleons, forever evolving as the years go on.

From their 1980s hits to their modern works, the quartet has built a solid fan base of all ages.

The group – consisting of Brian Canham (lead vocals and guitar), Darren Danielson (drums), Ben Grayson (bass/keytar) and Quentin Roth (keytar) – however, are best remembered for their rocking rendition of Lips Inc.’s Funkytown. The cover is without doubt their signature sound.

There will be another huge cover version, however, added to the playlist when the group hits Rockfest Mildura on November 25.

Their rendition of dance classic Nutbush City Limits by Ike and Tina Turner will be the latest studio track that Pseudo Echo will release.

Frontman Brian Canham said some technical issues during mixing had delayed the release of the single, but he said it had been received well when trialled at recent live shows.

“It’s a song that’s quite different to us and our sound so we tried to find a way to make it a bit different and bring it back to us,” Brian said. “We’ve tested it out a few times and it’s been really well received so far.

“We were in the USA recently and we actually visited Nutbush, and got some photos and video footage there so we’ll release a video clip for that in the near future.”

Pseudo Echo are far more than just a cover band, and have enjoyed huge success in the Australian music charts since forming in 1982.

The new wave band’s first three albums – Autumnal Park, Love an Adventure and Race – all peaked inside the top 20 on the ARIA album charts. Their most recent studio album Ultraviolet was released in 2014.

The group was a huge hit in its most recent venture to Sunraysia for the 2015 Rockfest Mildura, where the boys played alongside Choirboys and Mental As Anything.

“It was a great gig there at the sound shell, the crowd were great,” Brian said. “It’s always good to get out to places like Mildura, where we don’t always get to.

“For this year’s show, people can expect a lot of energy, razzamatazz and bling. We like to interact with fans while on stage. We like to add new stuff, but we also never turn our back on our own material.”

Brian believes Pseudo Echo has been going from strength to strength in recent years. After disbanding in 1990, the group re-formed in 1998 and has been touring constantly since that time.

“The band has come a long way in terms of our professionalism and we’ve been able to continue evolving,” Brian said. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our show and add something different, whether it’s choreography and finding ways to showcase the talents of each band member.

“My wife Raquel travels with the band and is in charge of photograph and social media. It’s a new thing for her but she has a real flair for it.

“Most people associate touring with being away from your family for a long time. I’m happy that my wife comes with me. The boys really enjoy having her around. She often gets a lot of great footage and images from behind the scenes that fans normally wouldn’t get to see.

“Fans will come and go, but you will always have your diehard fans, and you gain some new fans as well. Getting new fans gives us a new foundation to work with. It also gives us a new sense of inspiration when it comes to performing.

“It’s easy to become complacent when you do the same thing for the same fans. It’s a challenge to find the balance of bringing new material, without also boring the original fans.”

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