NOT A GLITCH WITH THIS ROLE: Former Mildura resident Hannah Monson stars in series two of ‘Glitch.’


BEING nominated for a Logie in the 2016 ‘Most Outstanding Newcomer-Actress’ category, and having the series ‘Glitch’ win a Logie for ‘Most Outstanding Drama Series’, certainly shone the spotlight on the blossoming career of former Mildura resident Hannah Monson.

Season two of the ABC series is about to be screened, with the Mildura Weekly speaking with Hannah shortly after she attended the Melbourne premiere.

Hannah, 25, has fond memories of her time growing up in Sunraysia, and still has family connections here, most notably her grandfather and beekeeper Trevor Monson.

Hannah attended Henderson College until she moved to Melbourne aged 11, and like many students, participated in the school’s stage productions, but hadn’t consciously set her sights on becoming an actor until she was on the verge of leaving school.

It wasn’t until the opportunity to enrol at the Ballarat Arts Academy (now Federation University) presented itself that Hannah’s career path evolved.

“I had to work really hard, that’s what I most remember about the course, but it was extremely rewarding,” Hannah said.

Hannah’s character in Glitch is ‘Kirstie’, and like many others in the ‘paranormal’ drama, she has come back from the dead!

“She is a gutsy, powerful young woman who felt trapped in Yoorana when she was alive, and when she comes back, she realises she is trapped again, but this time she is determined to change things,” Hannah said.

For those who haven’t seen the series, it is sure to have you spellbound from the first scene. Glitch is largely shot in-and-around the fictitious country town of ‘Yoorana’.

The storyline follows the discovery by local police Sergeant James Hayes (played by Patrick Brammall), that six people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health.

“Just think about the drama of people coming back from the dead,” Hannah said.

“One of our writers speaking at the Melbourne screening said how many stories have someone coming back from the dead and meeting their husband’s new wife!

“And yet as extraordinary as the script is, it has a believability about it, it’s not overdone.”

The production values of the series are excellent, and the cast and crew outstanding. Glitch  is a superb example of a high-quality Australian production, which is no doubt why the second series was co-produced by streaming giant Netflix.

The music score (composed by Cornell Wilczek) will have viewers on the edge of their seats, with its deliberate injection of intensity and suspense designed to put the fear of death into those watching.

The storyline is complex, and you do need to concentrate, but staying with it is worth the effort, it’s great television.

Today, Hannah calls Melbourne home, and when she isn’t busy pursuing her craft, she loves nothing more than to relax around the house and have friends over for dinner.

By all accounts Hannah’s culinary skills are right up with her acting prowess, she is quite the chef, specialising in Thai cuisine.

I spoke with Hannah on the eve of her departure to the USA for a break, and a chance to look at career opportunities.

“I’m doing a few different things over there,” she said.

Although very content with her work in Australia, Hannah doesn’t rule out working overseas one day.

Somehow I got the impression from this former Mildura girl, that it was her destiny.

Glitch series two commences on ABC TV Thursday, September 14, at 8.30pm.