CAMPAIGN THAT MATTERS: Slip Rocks Barber Shop is one of a number of local businesses supporting a new advertising campaign developed by the newly formed Mildura Regional Development.

THE newly formed Mildura Regional Development (MRD) (formerly Mildura Tourism and Mildura Development Corporation) have launched the second phase of its tourism awareness television campaign.

The campaign started earlier this year, with the second of the three-phase campaign, which airs locally on PRIME7, aimed at educating viewers on the important benefits tourism has within the Mildura region.

It includes numerous businesses which locals often don’t associate directly with tourism, with Baldwin Boats, Mallee Meats, Mildura Waves and Slip Rocks Barber Shop supporting the concept by sharing their own stories on how important tourism is to their success.

MRD CEO, Daryl Buckingham, said the visitor economy is underpinned by many local businesses.

“So having them involved in the creation of these commercials not only helps spread that message, but also gets other businesses thinking of how tourism may be contributing to their business,” he said.

The campaign, which commenced on Sunday, July 16, will continue until September, with the third and final phase being implemented shortly after, and will run until the end of 2017.

Mr Buckingham said the longer-term benefits of the campaign was the broader awareness of Mildura’s business growth, and how important it is in terms of the visitor economy and the choice of businesses the local community can support.

“This will ensure our organisation and the region continues to develop sustainable, new business opportunities, and allow us to strongly highlight the message of how important tourism is to the economy and the broader community in terms of choice, quality, competitive pricing and ultimately jobs,” he said.