A REPORT on improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists around The Lake Primary School will be presented to Mildura Rural City Council in February.
Councillors on Wednesday night received a petition signed by almost 700 people. Signatures have been gathered by Cabarita Community Inc after local concern in October for safety in the school precinct.
Council was told concerns included the narrow sealed road surface of Dyar Avenue not allowing for additional traffic exiting from the school during peak times, safety of school children riding on the road no separate shared paths to separate children from vehicular traffic.
The petition also said Dyar Avenue was dusty when cars needed to pull onto the road shoulder and needed a reduced speed limit during school pick up and drop off times.
Council was told the Seventeenth Street school crossing was not utilised as there were no school crossing monitors and the shared path on Seventeenth St was on the wrong side of the road and should be duplicated on the other side of the road so that it better connects to the residential areas on the lake side.
CEO Sarah Philpott told councillors that traffic data was being collected and analysed along with the need for future links to population growth areas.
“Council’s investigation of the pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure is currently being undertaken, including analysis of existing infrastructure. Possible solutions will take into consideration the number of pedestrians, frequency of pedestrian movements, road related infrastructure and the number of vehicles using the state road network and council road network,” she said.
“Part of the investigation will map the location of all students and how they get to The Lake Primary School.”
Ms Philpott said council staff have been in discussions with The Lake Primary School before the petition was received. “The Lake Primary School are also involved with providing some of the key data around the school demographics that will assist with determining the future catchment area for the school and the likely infrastructure links required to encourage active transport options,” she said.
Meanwhile, Wednesday’s meeting became a stop-start affair when internet connection issues plagued the live stream. The meeting was interrupted several times.
Councillors’ questions were still being asked after 6.30pm before moving into listed reports and agenda items listed for decision at the final meeting of council for 2020 when the live stream again dropped out.