ROWAN Tegart has won multiple Australian and State Titles in dirt track racing.

He was born and raised with bikes in his blood so it was a natural progression for him to start competitively racing at four.

“My father was involved with cars and motorbikes his whole life so It was pretty much a given what I was going to do,” Tegart shared.

“When I was three my father’s boss gave him an old pee wee 50 for me to run around on.

“At the age of four I was racing peewees competitively.

“Back then there was a modified peewee class which was soon banned as parents where putting there four and five-year-olds on rocket ships with very little working brakes!”

Tegart has always rode dirt track/motocross and enduros at club level, with dirt track being his main attention. He said riding all three disciplines has definitely improved his level of skill.

“At the age of 13 I started to race a sport called ‘super motard’ which was new to Australia but huge in Europe,” Tegart said.

“With success in that winning National and State Titles, I received a wild card entry into a round of the World Super Motard Series when I first turn senior at 16, straight onto a KX500 held at Broadford.

“From then on we focused back on dirt track racing with support from Kawasaki riding a KX125, KX250 and KX500 at every event.”

In his first year of seniors Tegart won the Australian Title in the 125 class and multiple State Titles. He defended that 125 National Title successfully for the following two years.

“Since then I have virtually raced dirt track year in year out winning another Australian Title in the over 450 class,” Tegart added.

Nearing 36, Tegart has been racing an incredible 32 years, although he doesn’t spend as much time on the bike now as he did once.

And it’s no wonder.

Tegart and his wife, Melissa, are raising two young children, Andi, six, and Remi, two who are two of Tegart’s biggest fans, and are often trackside watching him compete.

The pair have also recently purchased a cabinet making business, Module Dezines, and, as I found out after commenting how green and lush their lawn looked at their home, they also run a turf farm.

Tegart also likes to keep up his fitness with the assistance of long time supporter Nigel McWilliams at X10pt and trains with him three to four times a week.

Despite this, he does still find time for his long-standing passion.

“My priorities may have swayed a bit, but I will love getting out on the bike and I’m happy that I can still make finals at a national level,” he said.