Mildura City Heart manager, Danielle Hobbs, and Mildura City Heart chair Adam Hobbs. Photo: PAUL MENSCH


HOPING to capture the attention of residents and visitors alike, Mildura’s ‘mural project’ is looking to expand with the backing of art enthusiasts and the wider community.

During the past 12 months, an artistic initiative, led by Mildura City Heart, has seen the bland, brick walls of some Mildura CBD buildings given a new lease on life.

It’s an initiative that key stakeholders are now keen to continue, and they need the community’s help.

Travis Price, the artist behind the murals in Ninth Street and Bowrings Lane, has now created a third design, which will be professionally printed and sold.

Every cent of profit raised through the sale will go toward funding the CBD’s next makeover.

“One of the struggles in the arts is funding,” Travis said. “I think we just need to start to be more proactive in working out ways to help fund projects ourselves. 

“I started doing these (posters) to help raise some money – it’s a pay it forward idea, to leave something for others.” 

The new design, a 1950s-inspired piece, features a paddle steamer, the George Chaffey Bridge and the slogan ‘Sunrays for Days’. 

“I was trying to work out what I like about Mildura and what’s different,” Travis said. 

“Certain parts are fairly obvious – there’s the paddle boat, the bridge in the background, the girl holding a picnic basket of grapes. 

“And we know that Mildura has more sunny days than the Gold Coast, which is amazing, so that’s where Sunrays for Days came from. 

“I wanted that laid back feel.” 

Hoping the project can now take on a life of its own, Mildura City Heart manger, Danielle Hobbs, has had copies of both existing murals, in addition to Travis’s third design, made into posters and postcards.

Again, the idea is to raise funds for future artistic projects in Mildura’s CBD.

Danielle said the City Heart was hopeful of scheduling the beginning of a new mural by January 2020 on the back of the fund-raising campaign, adding that the benefits of introducing art into the city centre had been numerous.

“The murals contribute to the community in many ways – the first being the most obvious…they brighten up the town and they are beautiful pieces of art!” she said. 

“They have become iconic very quickly! Images of the Mildura mural on Ninth Street have spread all over the world – it’s put us on the map.

“They are also a way to drag people into different parts of the CBD – going forward we are going to be strategic where we place new murals to create a walking tour.”

For more information, or to purchase the posters and postcards, visit the Mildura City Heart’s Langtree Mall office, or visit