MCGILLIVRAY Electrical and Building Services managing director Brendan McGillivray is spearheading an initiative to raise funds to support mental health at a time when the subject is gaining even greater prominence due to COVID.

“I have been sitting on this idea for a few years now and think it is the right time to put something in place,” Mr McGillivray said.

“We have all been touched in someway by mental health whether it be a family member, work colleague or close mate.

“It doesn’t discriminate but can be very debilitating. In conversations with people who have lost family members to suicide, parents who are struggling to help their kids through lack of resilience and confidence, and mates that are just struggling with everyday life.

“I have come to the conclusion that through no particular reason the mental health support services in Mildura are struggling to help all the people who need help.

“I have spoken to people working in this field and we have some very caring and wonderful people working in this area but from these conversations, they just need a hand.”

Mr McGillivray is proposing to organise a car rally to the raise funds for mental health.

“I believe the journey is just as important as the fund raising,” he said.

“Imagine the benefits of a parent and child or two mates preparing a 25-plus-year-old vehicle for the rally over a six months period, just being there for each other is a benefit.

“Where the money gets spent I have no idea and I’ll leave that to the smarter people in the community, as I’m just an electrician trying to help my mates out and make sure they are around to see their grand kids in a few years time.”

Mr McGillivray is looking for others to come on board for the journey and has reached out to a number of businesses and individuals to join with him in this important initiative

If you would like to contact Mr McGillivray you can call him on: mobile: 0477 444 308 or email: