FOLLOWING extensive community and stakeholder engagement, the (MSNAC) Masterplan was voted on by Councillors at their Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday night with a unanimous decision to adopt the plan carried.

The multi-million dollar MSNAC Masterplan will play a vital role in the development of the Mildura South area, and lays out a shared vision for the future.

It has been developed with key partnerships between the community, landowners and Council.

Critical land use features include: public open space, streetscapes, commercial opportunities and residential options.

The Masterplan aims to strike a balance between land uses, taking in current and future requirements of between 8,000 to 10,000 people over the next five to 10 years, and beyond.

Prior the vote, Councillor’s Glenn Milne and Mark Eckel spoke about the merits of the project with Cr Milne also highlighting how long it had taken to get to the approval stage.

“I must express some frustration at how long this has taken to get to this point − it dates back to 2014,” Cr Milne said.

“There is a challenge there for us as a Council to look at some of our planning processes and try and get to the end point a lot quicker.”

Councillor Eckel concurred saying they (he and Cr Milne) had both been through the ‘wringer’ with the this project.

“What a fantastic result however, and I have great pleasure in moving the motion to adopt this item,” he said.

“I am pleased to see a final resolution reached between the proponents and Council and I welcome what will be a great community asset. I believe it will be the creation of a satellite suburb of some distinction and I have been talking about that for some years now − the opportunities that exist in South Mildura.”

Councillor Eckel said that the revised neighbourhood centre plan offers a point of difference, particularly in regard to the outdoor dining and space for future events.

“The outdoor space where fresh food can be on offer is something we need in this municipality,” he said.

“So hats-off to the proponents, they have been to hell and back they would probably say, but the end result is magnificent − it is a major investment for our community.”

The Development Plan (2014) outlined the following indicative land use parameters that make up the eight-hectare NAC study area.

These include:
• 2ha to be allocated for retail uses which should include a 3500-4000m2 full line supermarket and associated retail and commercial uses suitable for a neighbourhood centre;
• 2ha to be allocated for community use;
• 2ha to be allocated for public open space; and
• The remaining land – approximately 2ha − to be used for residential with higher density around the retail area.

To view the entire Mildura South Neighbourhood Activity Centre Masterplan visit: