ACROBATIC DISPLAY: Pole Fit Mildura instructor Irina Brigge shows off some of her skills in balance and strength. Irina will be one of more than 20 performers at the Pole Fit Mildura Aerial Showcase at Mildura Arts Centre on Friday, October 12. Photos: PAUL MENSCH


POLE Fit Mildura’s Aerial Showcase is set to feature athletic feats of strength, skill, balance and grace.

After the success of their inaugural showcase in 2017, the group are looking to go bigger and better for their 2018 performance.

The showcase will take place at the Mildura Arts Centre on Friday, October 12 at 7pm. More than 20 participants will show their talents in aerial hoop, silks, dance and pole sport across 18 performances. The acrobatics involved will ensure a knockout performance.

Pole Fit Mildura instructor Irina Brigge, who will be performing a solo piece on aerial silks, as well as multiple group performances, said she was excited about the showcase.

“We will have been practicing for six months when the performance comes around,” she said.

“It feels like it’s coming together. We’re excited.”

Pole Fit Mildura head coach Jessi Wilson said the group was buoyed by the positive feedback they received from last year’s showcase at The Cider Tree.

“It went way better than we expected. I would have been happy with a crowd of about 50 people but we had over 160 people come along to watch,” Jessi said.

“The response was amazing, we had some really good feedback afterwards. I think it also helps take away some of the stigma that comes with pole training and performing.

“This year we’ve moved to the bigger venue and opened tickets up to the public.”

Jessi said audience members should keep an eye out for the performances from the advanced group, as well as some of the aerial hoop pieces.

“Mildura is great at supporting local groups and hopefully we can get a great crowd in to watch an awesome showcase,” she said.

“It’s a great opportunity for our girls to show off some of the skills they have learned through Pole Fit.”

Tickets for the Pole Fit Mildura Aerial Showcase are available through the Mildura Arts Centre website.

For further information visit the Pole Fit Mildura Facebook page.