THE Mildura Airport is showing their support for White Ribbon Australia in the prevention of men’s violence against women.

Today is White Ribbon Day, and in acknowledging this the airport is encouraging patrons to take a selfie in front of the White Ribbon banner located in the cafe and post it to social media, using the hashtag #whiteribbonmilduraairport. This can be done until November 30.

Mildura Airport CEO Trevor Willcock said the business has embarked on the journey towards White Ribbon accreditation and join local business leaders Mildura Rural City Council and Southern Cross Farms who continue to participate in the program.

He said the airport has been committed to the prevention of violence against women in our region for a number of years.

“We understand that men’s violence against women is a wide spread social issue across Australia and is present within our community,” Mr Willcock said.

“As an organisation we believe we have an obligation to provide awareness and training to our employees to build an emotionally and socially aware workforce that supports safety and mutual trust and respect.

“We also understand that this is an issue that everybody in our community can help to put an end to.”

Donations to the cause are being accepted at the cafe and a percentage of cafe sales will be donated towards White

Ribbon to support their prevention work in communities, schools and workplaces around Australia. For more information we encourage a visit to the White Ribbon Website

FULL SUPPORT: Mildura Airport CEO Trevor Willcock is leading the way in taking a stand on violence against women.