A dance program for people with disabilities will be beginning in Mildura next month thanks to a partnership between Mallee Sports Assembly and Limitless Dance Academy.

‘Let’s Dance!’ will be taking place at the Limitless Dance Academy for six weeks from April 20 to May 25 and will aim to bring adults and others with disabilities together, giving them an activity to learn and enjoy in.

“About a year ago we concluded through a survey that the Mildura region needed a number of activities for those who are disabled and dance was pretty high on that list,” Mallee Sports Assembly Project Officer Tanya Wild said.

“We’ve been talking to Emily Bradford from Limitless, who already holds one class a week for people with disabilities, about what we can do to provide another program, especially for disabled adults, so we’re very excited.”

Over the course of the six weeks, those who attend the program will learn mostly the modern styles of dance, such as hip-hop and funk.

They will also have the opportunity to spend time in each other’s company in a more social setting than they might have become accustomed to during COVID.

“We really hope they enjoy it, have fun and keep attending because we want to be able to support these sorts of opportunities in Mildura regularly,” Tanya said.

“It’s important for disabled people in the community to have the same options in the long-term as everyone else has.”

Regardless of attendance numbers though, Tanya and the rest of the organisers and teachers are looking forward to providing the new and fun opportunity.

“The excitement on their faces when they’re taking part and having fun with others, and hearing from their carers and teachers about how much they enjoy it and are looking forward to going back, it makes us all happy,” she said.

Each class will cost $20 and will run on Tuesdays from 2.30-3.30pm.

For more information about the program, contact Tanya Wild on 0417 925 539 or at tanya@malleesportsassembly.org.au.