OZFISH Unlimited has announced a new role for long-time fishing advocate Braeden Lampard, PICTURED.

Braeden had been named a Project Manager dedicated to mobilising recreational fishers to improve fish habitat in the Murray-Darling Basin. 

OzFish Unlimited has moved to resource a dedicated manager position in response to growing fisher enthusiasm for supporting projects to protect and restore fish populations across the region. 

The opportunity has been made possible thanks to the corporate support of BCF. 

Director of Habitat Programs, Cassie Price, said the group was thrilled to announce the appointment of Braeden to the team. 

“Braeden is a keen angler who is passionate about improving the future of fish in the Murray-Darling,” she said. “He is unique for this role, having been involved with OzFish since its inception, and with the training to back the role, he is set to make real and positive change for fish in the Basin.”

OzFish has a range of projects occurring in the Murray-Darling Basin, notably re-snagging in the Murray River near Monak, habitat structures for Kings Billabong, the River Repair Bus in the Macquarie River and a range of fishing events across Forbes, Orange, Dubbo, Tamworth, Wagga and Mildura. 

Braeden said that being a recreational angler, and devoting a considerable amount of time each year to habitat restoration projects, meant that he was in a position to know how much of a real difference recreational anglers can make. 

“Recreational anglers are one of the main stakeholders within the Murray-Darling Basin who can make a significant difference in creating a healthier, sustainable future for our native fishery,” he said.

“If you’re a recreational angler, please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss projects that can occur within your region, and remember, more habitat means more native fish which means more fish for us to catch.”

OzFish Unlimited is a not-for- profit organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring fish habitat across Australia and supporting recreational fishers in these actions. 

The group’s aim is for more Murray-Darling Basin fishers to get involved with actions that improve local fish habitats.