dream coming true: Angus Gill, 20, pictured with his trusty companion Tess who joins him on the road, is back in Mildura for the Country Music Festival. This year has seen Angus perform a range of new songs he recently wrote while in Nashville. Photo: KIERAN MANGAN

FRESH from a recent visit to the country music capital of Nashville, Tennessee, emerging star Angus Gill has been busy performing at venues around Mildura since he arrived in town last Saturday for this year’s Country Music Festival.

“It’s just been fantastic, I really enjoy coming to Mildura, the crowds are really focused on you and that’s great,” he said. “Some shows are more intimate, others are more open venues, there’s a really good mix that gives you the opportunity to connect with the audience.” 

Angus has performed at venues across Mildura and over the river, including the Coomealla Club and Gol Gol Hotel, where he performed in a show called ‘A Guy and all the Girls’.

“I played a show at the Crown Hotel in Wentworth with Aly Cook last Sunday night, and that was so much fun,” he said. “Even though the NRL grand final was on the TV to compete with, Aly and I had a terrific show, it’s a great pub. 

“I am also doing my own show at the Mildura Working Man’s Club tomorrow night after the Southern Star Awards, so I’m looking forward to that one too.”

Angus said that he likes to adapt his music to the audience he finds himself performing in front of.

“I’m pretty versatile, and I do a broad range of things to appeal to different crowds and something I learnt from an early age is to be able to play to the crowd,” he said. “So if it’s a younger audience or a middle-aged audience like my parents’ age, I am able to choose different material.”

After Mildura, Angus has some other festivals to perform at before the end of the year, after which he intends to concentrate on producing a new album, which he gained inspiration for while working in America.

“When I was in Nashville I met some amazing artists who are some idols of mine, and I was able to hang out with Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Vince Gill, Bernie Taupin and Ray Stevens,” he said.

“While I was there I wrote 52 new songs, and I’ve been able to try some of them out on the audiences at this year’s festival, and so far I’ve had a really good reaction.

“I’m working toward a new album at the moment, and I’ll produce it myself in my studio at home in Wauchope, which is something I’m really looking forward to.

“I’m seeing which songs the audience connect with the most and you encounter a great cross-section of people in Mildura who tend to travel around to the other festivals, and so you also get to see some familiar faces which is nice.”