THIRTEEN-year-old Diesel Fallon was unbeatable at Timmis Speedway last Saturday night.

Not only did the junior driver claim the chequered flag in both of his heat races, in what were his first race wins, in another first, he backed it up with a final win.

Fallon has been behind the wheel for four seasons now.

“My Dad, Gary, used to race, and I’ve been around speedway for as long as I can remember,” Fallon shared.

“When I was nearly 10, I begged Dad and Mum for a car, and without telling mum, Dad and I went and bought my first car.”

Fast forward four years and he now has completed around 40 race meetings.

But it’s sometimes been a bumpy road for the youngster.

“After having a rollover in my first season, it has taken a while to get my confidence back,” Fallon admitted.

But it was evident that his confidence has now returned as Fallon didn’t put a tyre wrong on Saturday night to execute three flawless races.

“I felt pumped for my first heat win at home because I had a lot of my family and friends there to watch me,” he said.

“And it felt awesome to back it up in the second heat because it gave me hope that I could win the feature.”

Heading into the final, Fallon said he was focused on getting a good start, and then to find the fast line and be first to the chequered flag.

He added Darren “Plugger” McCarthy had done an awesome job in preparing the track, which had multiple fast lines and was awesome to race on.

Crossing the line first, and getting the win ahead of Riley Greig and Lucas Warnett, both from South Australia, Fallon said he was excited he would get the opportunity to do a victory lap with the chequered flag.

They say from little things, big things grow, and Fallon is hoping this will not only be the first of many victories on the track, but will also be a stepping stone to him one day winning a National Title, whether that be in Juniors or a senior class.

While Fallon loves speedway because of the adrenaline and the opportunity to be able to drive fast, he also has another passion away from the track.

After an exciting and late night on Saturday, Fallon and his family made the trip to Adelaide on Sunday morning and back to Mildura Sunday night, as they do every week during summer, to play baseball for Woodville.

Although he has played baseball since he was four, it’s only the first year Fallon has played the Adelaide competition.

Asked which sport he preferred, Fallon said he couldn’t possibly decide between the two, and said he had aspirations to become a professional baseballer in the future as well.