IT IS the oasis within an oasis. Mildura is often referred to as such, and now so is the ‘green’ home at 784 Ontario Ave, owned by international bodybuilding champions Andrea and Rod Sylvia.
The iron-pumping ‘power couple’ may be more at home in the gym, but built their quirky, ‘zen retreat’ in 2016 as their dream home, but have now put it up for sale. They are moving from Sunraysia to Queensland to be closer to family.
For sale through private treaty with Ray White Mildura director, Damian Portaro, the ‘green retreat’ has a price guide of $999,000 to $1,098,000.
Dubbed ‘SoulScape’ by the owners, the home is a beautiful ode to all things spiritual and revitalising with lush gardens, restorative rose quartz crystals and an outdoor bathroom open to the stars.
Ms Sylvia said the bathroom was inspired from a trip to Bali many years ago, and an outdoor bathroom had been on her ‘dream house’ list ever since.
“I love to lie in the tub infused with my favourite oils at night, when the house is quiet and gaze up into the brilliant night sky,” Ms Sylvia said.
“Watching the Southern Cross move on her journey being interrupted only by the many shooting stars all fighting for my attention. It is an absolute blissful experience.
“During the design stage, I would go there at night and relax in a deck chair and gaze up into the night sky to find the best aspect with the most brilliant of stars to determine the position of the outdoor bathroom.” Quartz was an important part of the design, with crystals pointing in from each corner of the house to amplify the rose quartz at the centre or heart of the home.
Quartz was also planted under the slabs of the home along with a four-metre dragon mural beneath the kitchen floor boards to protect the occupants of the house.
Ms Sylvia said in this way, she had put her heart and soul into creating SoulScape.
“I know every inch of Soul-Scape, however I am still constantly surprised by the way the light plays on the different angles – how in winter the sun reflecting off the pool gets bounced around under the verandah and inside the house, creating a visually stunning rippling effect,” she said.
“How, as the garden grows, everywhere you look there is something green and how at night you can lay in your bath or your bed and gaze at the stars.”
Ms Sylvia is most well known for her 1994 Miss Universe Physique championship win while Mr Sylvia broke Australian and World records when he benchpressed 265 kilograms back in 1993.
The couple have lived, competed and trained all over the globe including in the US where they befriended well known bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ‘Incredible Hulk’ star Lou Ferrigno.