With a passion for trucks, trailers and everything in between, as well as the Mildura community, it’s no surprise Brad Monaghan’s business – Monaghan’s Truck and Trailer Sales – has been so serviceable.

Growing up on a farm in Mildura, Brad, 47, quickly developed an interest and enthusiasm in the trucks his dad ran.

While his original line of work, 20 years at Coca Cola, was not in line with this interest, he always knew he would work with trucks, trailers and the like in a professional environment.

“Once I left Coca Cola I ended up at the Mildura Truck Centre for five years selling trucks and trailers, which really reignited my passion,” he said.

“I was probably a little restricted in terms of what I could do though and decided to start my own business here about four years ago, which took off very, very quickly and became about more than just trucks and trailers.

“We now also sell campers, golf carts, we’ve got the Trek Hardware store and we customise trailers for the store and for others who want one customised.”

Brad is more than happy with the decision he made to start his business here.

Not only does he have the freedom to experiment with different vehicles in terms of customisation, but he is able to please customers and satisfy their exact desires.

“Customer service is key in our industry so we always aim to do the best we can in that regard,” Brad said.

“The flexibility of the dynamic to do whatever I want to any vehicle, whether it be a golf cart or a trailer, is great.

“Running through customisation with something, bringing what’s in a customer’s head to reality and then watching it get driven or towed out the gate. It’s very satisfying.

“Everything’s really worked out better than the way I planned. It’s been fantastic.”

While their work with trucks, trailers, golf carts and campers is laudable, Monaghan Truck and Trailer Sales’ charity work has been a huge benefit to the community.

Just last year Brad combined with the Mens Shed to raise thousands for those impacted by the bushfires, and he has also donated to Red Cross, Flying Doctors and the Black Dog Institute.

His contributions to Children Having an Illness Living in Sunraysia (CHAILIS) have been his biggest though, and make him extremely proud.

Multiple fund-raisers have been held and donations made to CHAILIS by Brad’s business in recent years, notably during the COVID period, during which the charity could not be out collecting money, and many businesses which had donation tins closed.

“I’ve got five kids, and I’m very fortunate not to have needed services like CHAILIS but I know a lot of people who have, and do. It’s just really important to keep the charity going so it can keep weaving its magic.

“It’s important for the community to get involved, and business as well, because there’s a lot more we can do. I’d encourage more businesses to involve themselves.

“You hear about a lot of kids who are struggling with illnesses and to be able to help them. We’re all very proud.”