DARTS DEMON: After his first year on the Australian professional darts circuit, Ryan Lynch will compete at both the Australian Darts Championships and World Youth Darts Championships in England. Photo: PAUL MENSCH


WERRIMULL to Warilla to Wigan is a fair journey for Ryan Lynch, a rising star on the Australian darts circuit.

The 23-year-old Sunraysia Darts League player will compete at the Australian Darts Championships on Sunday, before heading over to England for the World Youth Darts Championships on October 31.

In only his first season on the Australian professional darts circuit, Lynch is one of two Aussie young guns who have qualified for the World championships in Wigan.

The journey started when Ryan was 16 at the Werrimull Pub.

“I followed Dad out to the pub at Werrimull. His team were short a player so I gave it a go and never really looked back since,” he said.

“The first couple of nights I played a few of the old boys said I was going alright, but I really had no idea how I was going at the time.

“I had no idea I’d be at that point (representing Australia) playing darts. It’s definitely going to be a great experience. I’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort and I hope I’ll be right up there in both events.

“I reckon Dad would be ecstatic, but he doesn’t let on too much.”

Ryan, a glazier by trade, said competing around the country had allowed him to qualify for both events.

“Qualifying for the World Youth Championships comes from the highest points totals in the Australian rankings system. Two of us will be heading over to compete,” he said.

“Australian Championship rounds happen regularly so the more times you compete and the better your results are, the higher your ranking numbers are.

“This is my first season on the pro circuit. I’ve just put a lot of work and effort it and I guess it’s paid off. It will be awesome to represent Australia doing something I really enjoy.

“The Mildura Club have provided financial support for me to be able to play in both competitions. I can’t thank them enough for their support.”