A WEEK after opening its flagship store on the corner of Fifteenth Street and Deakin Avenue, OTR Mildura is seeing an endless stream of customers walk through the door.
In addition to its BP fuel outlet, OTR’s immaculate convenience store offers a large range of goods, including brilliant coffee, hot food, sandwiches, soft drinks and importantly, Sunraysia’s first ‘Guzman y Gomez’, a kitchen for fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine. The Mexican food has been a”very satisfying hit”with the Mildura community, who have “come in droves to try the new taste sensation”.
Store manager, Shane Linahan has been thrilled with the response from members of the Mildura community during the business’ first week.
“It’s certainly going very well and we’ve had a lot of positive comments from people,” he said.
“We’re going to see more and more customers coming through and that’s why we’re here − to keep the community happy.”
While the service of petrol will always be a need for the public, the establishment of the first regional ‘Guzmen y Gomez’ in Victoria has been a massive hit and compliments the wide offering instore.
Hundreds of customers have lined up for lunch and dinner throughout the week, feeding their appetites with a range of traditional, fresh and authentic Mexican dishes.
“It’s really about the convenience of the business. We’re here to provide a service, we’ve got the petrol but the main focus is what else we can provide the community inside and with Guzman y Gomez,” Shane said.
“Every night for dinner there’s people lining up all the way out the door, so it’s fantastic.”
In addition to all OTR Mildura provides on-site, the business is striving to become an important part of the community and stay involved in supporting groups, clubs and events in the area.
OTR continues to donate to the selected community groups of customers each time they shop or refuel through their OTR App, a feature that has, and will continue to,
“benefit the community significantly.”