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It’s serious men’s business that often goes undetected

HELPING HAND: MBH Prostate Support Clinic prostate cancer specialist nurses Kylie Harry and Craig Millard with patient Steven Osborne. By JOHN DOOLEY FOR many men a visit to their doctor for a regular health check is a low priority task, or indeed not even on their agenda, but it’s an apathy that can have deadly consequences if an otherwise curable cancer isn’t detected early. Bowel and prostate cancers are two such diseases, that if diagnosed in their early stages, in most cases, can be treated successfully. In the case of the prostate, a simple blood test known as a...

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Faye’s magic kingdom of garden objets d’art

A VISIT to Faye, PICTURED, and Wally Duke’s Mildura home is akin to going into Aladdin’s cave, such is the vista of curious creations and collectables on display. The ‘Duke and Duchess’ (as they are affectionately known to friends) have established a wonderland of extraordinary artworks which have to be seen to be believed, most of which have been single-handedly crafted by Faye. At the heart of the property’s display is Faye’s garden which is her pride and joy, and it’s here that the fascinating tour of her property begins. The garden is full of artistic structures, all handmade...

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Vying for pole position in fitness

POLE POSITION: Jessi Wilson enjoys teaching fitness and fun at Pole Fit Mildura. Photo: PAUL MENSCH By MITCH RODD IT’S the fitness craze sweeping the world, and Mildura is not immune for getting into pole fit. While the idea can raise a few eyebrows for obvious reasons, participating in the sessions is actually all about producing a fun and creative environment for participants. The health benefits of pole fit training are enormous, as participants can build incredible muscular strength and endurance. Pole Fit Mildura coach Jessi Wilson said, however, the mental health benefits are just as important as the...

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