It is still unknown how the fire which has burned at least 600 metres of Wentworth’s Junction Island started last Saturday, and authorities say any conclusions may still be days away from being made.

Fire and Rescue NSW Wentworth Brigade tended to the blaze over the weekend and have been since, but required help from NSW Rural Fire Service and CFA brigades from Mildura and Merbein due to the way it was burning.

Fire and Rescue NSW Wentworth Brigade Captain, Cory Bysouth said that due to the nature of the fire and the island, a cause cannot be determined as of yet.

“Due to the winds on Saturday we needed some other crews to give us a bit of a hand, due to embers burning near the surrounding town,” he said.

“Because of what it’s burnt there – we’re heavily overgrown and there are a lot of rather large gum trees – no one can really gain access to the area yet.
“We need to get up to the area and have a proper look to determine what has happened, there’s not much we can go off at this stage.”

While some have speculated the fire may have been deliberately lit, Captain Bysouth maintains it is currently too hard to tell and that anything could have happened.

“Because it’s very overgrown in that area, it could have been a wide range of things, we’ll probably have to wait a few days before we can have a proper look.”

Residents living along the front of the river are being told to stay on alert.