The Christie Centre has shown its support for Sunraysia’s horticulture industries, recently removing its fruit trees to assist in the region in its fight against fruit fly.

The local disability service called on the help of Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area after it was concluded they could not effectively manage the trees, which were ultimately removed from the Christie Centre’s Mildura properties.

Florence Davidson , Christie Centre executive, said having a range of fruit trees had resulted in a large amount of fallen fruit, creating slipping risks and increasing the potential for Queensland fruit fly to flourish.

“As responsible citizens we need to acknowledge that there are alternatives to fruit trees and take the care and attention required to ensure we do not inadvertently have a negative impact on our local horticultural industry or surrounding gardens,” she said.

“We have access to some of the best quality local seasonal produce and we can take advantage of this as needed. The management of fruit fly is a responsibility we all share and one we are pleased to play our part in.”

The plan from now for the Christie Centre is to plant more native trees and use those to increase the serenity of their sites.

“Once the soil where the fruit trees were has recovered, we will invest in locally propagated native trees and shrubs to welcome birdlife to the gardens and enhance the sensory spaces at our sites,” ms Davidson said.

To register for a free tree removal program, or for more tips to help control fruit fly in your garden, contact GSPFA on 03 5022 0327 or visit