SHOPPERS heading to Coles’ Lime Avenue store this week were caught unaware when they found the supermarket closed and barricaded up.

The store was forced to close its doors on Monday after maintenance checks discovered a potentially dangerous situation in the supermarket’s ceiling structure.

In a notice to customers posted outside the entrance to the supermarket, Coles said: “During routine maintenance works at our Lime Avenue supermarket in Mildura on Monday we detected a safety issue in the ceiling. As a precaution, we closed the store while an engineer reviewed the site. Unfortunately, we will need to temporarily close the store while remediation works are carried out.
“We apologise for any inconvenience and anticipate the store will reopen Friday, February, 12.”

Unfortunately, with a steel barricade being placed around the car park, it wasn’t possible for customers to get close enough to the notice to read it.

A security guard on duty at the time the ‘Weekly visited the site, said that it was possible the closure could be extended to Monday, but he couldn’t confirm that.