IT’S a good thing Chase Stone and Dom Price are firm friends.

Not only do they play cricket together, they’ve played football season after season together and now the pair work together.

Proving a bit of banter goes a long way, you get the feeling this is what gets the pair through spending hours together week in, week out.

Chase is advertising manager and Dom an advertising consultant at The Weekly. They form two thirds of the department.

While Chase has been part of our crew for about three and a half years, Dom joined the team in February this year.

The pair met playing cricket bottom age in Under 14s for Irymple Cricket Club. Around 10 years later it’s still an activity they enjoy together, although Chase draws the line at any extra practice Dom invites him to, preferring to stick to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Dom, born in Mildura, moved to Adelaide and upon returning to the district found himself playing for Irymple, the club Chase had played with since he was nine.

They’ve played many seasons of football together too at Irymple Football and Netball Club, and one season against each other.

It’s a season Chase was very keen to discuss, Dom not so much.

In one game the pair lined up against each other – Chase for the Swallows and Dom for Merbein Football Netball Club in the one season he played at Kenny Park.

At centre half back Chase kicked six goals that game – three of them directly against Dom.

While Chase clearly and favourably recalls that game, he doesn’t have many other memories of Dom on the football field. Mainly because Dom frequently finds himself injured, usually sustaining long term injuries in the preseason.

When he is able to play, Dom admits he much prefers playing on the same team as Chase, laughing that he is then able to get the ball to his teammate and make him look good.

Despite being 199cm tall, Chase considers himself more of a small forward, and when he and Dom have played in the forward line together, it’s his shorter teammate who played the role of tall forward. There’s obviously a long way to the ground for Chase, but Dom marvels at his ability and ball skills around the pack.

Both agree Chase is the more skilled cricketer and footballer, although Dom’s working on making a break through to the cricket team’s division one side.

Both players consider themselves fast bowlers. They agree that the fact they are both bowlers is the downfall in Dom making the ones side – a team packed with bowling talent.

Identifying the need though for batters who can post big scores, Dom’s putting plenty of effort and practice into this area, with Chase helping him, in hopes this season he might be able to play a few matches alongside his mate in division one this season. With the pair unlikely to team up on the football field again due to Dom requiring surgery, it would be a bit of a fairy-tale to see the pair in the same team once again – and no doubt a match we would hear plenty about at The Weekly.

Both are aiming for a second cricket premiership, Chase after claiming one in the Division One side in 2017-18, and Dom aiming for another after being a part of the Division Two premiership in 2012-20 and it would be even more magical if they could experience a flag as teammates.


ABOVE: Colleagues, friends and teammates – Dom Price and Chase Stone.