BANS in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 must be common sense.

Victorians who live in country communities are rightly frustrated with the Andrews Labor

Government’s decision to put a blanket ban on all recreational fishing and hunting – even for

those who live nearby rivers, lakes, forests and wetlands.

Leader of The Nationals and Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh said Victoria was the only

state to have completely outlawed recreational fishing, even from the river bank.

“Victorians who choose to live in communities close to places where we can go out and do

solo recreational activities, like hunting or fishing, shouldn’t be stopped from getting out to do

what they love,” Mr Walsh said.

“But this is not about driving hours to go on a weekend golfing or fishing trip.

“Common sense would suggest that as long as social distancing rules are followed, country

people who do not need to do unnecessary travel to get to their nearest river, lake, wetland or

reserve should be allowed to keep doing the activities they love.”

In NSW, the Government obtained legal advice which classed recreational fishing as “passive

exercise”, as long as rules around gatherings and social distancing are followed.

“As long as we comply with social distancing and travel restrictions, jogging, surfing, one-on-one

personal training and basketball are okay,” Mr Walsh said.

“I’m certainly not advocating for people to travel long distances. This is for people who already

live in these communities.

“We must all keep in mind the advice to stay at home, but surely we can also apply some

common sense?”