The situation with the COVID-19 (corona virus) continues to unfold on an almost hourly basis.

While rumours abound, the best information available indicates that currently there are no known cases diagnosed in Mildura.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of the measures being taken to limit the spread of the virus, most major events and sporting fixtures have been either postponed or cancelled, this includes most Easter events.

Importantly, there is no upside to panic buying, because that only fuels the problem – supply chains for everyday items continue to operate normally around the country.

Special shopping hours have now been introduced at supermarkets across Sunraysia for elderly people/holders of seniors cards and pension cards, with 7am to 8am being set aside for these people. 

Stay calm and don’t panic. 

Support our businesses – SHOP LOCAL and give online shopping a rest and by doing so you will be helping our local economy to be sustainable through this period and it will preserve local jobs.

Follow the best advice from the from the health authorities visit: and follow the links to the information pages.