More than 1000 General Practices, including those in Mallee will join the COVID-19 vaccination program from next week, further strengthening the Commonwealth’s capacity, and ensuring an efficient and equitable distribution of vaccines across the country.

Member for Mallee, Anne Webster, said services will come online from Monday.

“We all know the invaluable work our local GP’s do for our community,” Dr Webster said. “Now we will see them play a vital role the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.”

“Phase 1B of the rollout will see 1,000 GP’s across Australia delivering COVID-19 vaccines for our elderly and immunocompromised, progressively increasing in number to more than 4,000 by the end of April.”

Australians eligible for Phase 1B will be able to find a vaccination provider through the new national vaccination information and location service, at the Department of Health website.

This will enable people to locate their nearest general practice and GP led Respiratory Clinic vaccinations and link through to their online booking system or phone number to make the appointment.

Mildura clinics undertaking the COVID vaccinations include:

Ontario Medical Clinic, Lime Medical Clinic, Irymple Medical Centre, Mallee District Aboriginal Services Limited (MDAS) and Mildura Respiratory Clinic.

Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg said that the government was committed to making sure that every Australian that wants a vaccine will be able to be vaccinated.

“Phase 1B includes vulnerable groups, such as older people and people with certain underlying medical conditions. No-one is better placed to support these people than our general practices,” he said.