A FUNDING partnership between the Federal Government, AusIndustry and Mildura Regional Development will see a workshop that aims to raise awareness around cyber security, and highlight what local businesses can do to manage risks, held to Mildura later this week.

Ausindustry Northern Victoria Regional Manager, Paul Henderson, said it’s critical that businesses are well informed on the technology that underpins their business, the risks and their obligations under the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme, which falls under the Australian Privacy Act (1988).

“We know that businesses are storing more information electronically than ever before – they have the details of staff, customers and suppliers, along with business concepts, designs, processes and business finances all stored digitally, and we also know many of them don’t have a strategy to protect this information appropriately, or have worse-case scenario recovery responses in place,” he said.

“This workshop is designed to open the eyes of local businesses to the risks, ways to manage the risks and ways to help them identify opportunities.”

The workshop will offer real-life examples of how security breaches have impacted businesses, and will highlight the changing nature of technology.

The importance of ensuring technology specialists are included in decision-making to drive successful business outcomes will also be covered.

Mildura Regional Development CEO, Daryl Buckingham, said he was a strong advocate for digital technology and the opportunities it offers regional communities.

However he said it was important to remain mindful of the risks.

“I strongly encourage people to attend this workshop to get a better understanding of how they can best protect their assets, customers and staff while taking full advantage of the technological age,” Mr Buckingham said.

“The future is here. The question every business needs to answer is are they prepared?”

The free workshop will be run by leading technology company Maxsum Consulting, and will be held this Thursday (June 28) from 8.45am to 1pm at the Quality Hotel Mildura Grand.

More information is available by contacting Mr Henderson on 5442 4199, or email paul.henderson@industry.gov.au, or contact Sharon Morrell on 0499 111 628 or email sharon@milduraregion.com.au.