ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Coomealla Community Quilters member Chris Plumridge with part of the donation to
Australian Unity. Photo: PAUL MENSCH

THE Coomealla Community Quilters (informally known as ‘chatterers and gigglers’) have donated four of their handcrafted quilts to the wider community through Australian Unity. 

Using only donated material, Chris Plumridge and several other members of the Dareton community use their Mondays to craft, stitch and create at the Dareton Youth and Community Centre.

“We are under the auspices of the Uniting Church/Churches of Christ in Dareton, and they have been fantastic with funding, and have sent a congregation down to help renovate the area,” Ms Plumridge said. “Because of this we wanted to have a community-giving aspect, which is where making and donating these quilts came from.”

Australian Unity Service co-ordinator, Helen Alvey, highlighted the importance of donations such as these.

“Events and donations like this are wonderful, and our clients appreciate these quilts beyond belief,” she said. “It’s something that they can be proud of, and something special to them.”

Building their centre through community will and support, both the Wentworth District Community Bank and the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club have proven major supporters of the group, providing funding for sewing machines and overlockers for the centre. 

With doors open to everyone, these ladies offer their services as friends who love a good chat.

They also serve as teachers, helping anyone and everyone create things like shopping bags or even a single square of quilting for a blanket. 

“This centre and group is an outreach for everyone in the community to come and join,” Ms Plumridge said. “I have a passion for sewing, and I love to pass that on to others.

“It started off with me, and only me, but then more people decided to join me and fill their name in the book. It’s slowly grown to what it is today.

“Our motto is ‘Believe in Yourself, and Be You’, and we hope that we can pass that on to everyone that comes here.

“We truly have a ball, and we welcome anyone to come along and learn something or just have a chat and a giggle – we’re here to build people up.

“The invitation to join this group is extended to the whole Dareton community, even if you’ve never completed one stitch, everyone is welcome.

“At the moment we are in desperate need of cotton, so if anyone has any, we would like it!”