SUNRAYSIA Medical Centre GP registrar Dr Laura Nield has been awarded the Murray City Country Coast (MCCC) Community Engagement Award in recognition of her contribution to the Red Cliffs community.

Dr Nield is dedicated to her work as a GP and is passionate about teaching.

She is involved with MCCC as junior medical educator and has been engaged in this role part-time for more than 12 months.

Dr Nield has demonstrated inclusive behaviour toward her colleagues and patients, and her extensive involvement in community groups and service to wider community is exemplary.

The Red Cliffs GP said she was honoured to receive the award.

“I firstly want to thank Mehdi for nominating me for the award,” Dr Nield said.

“I just do the things that I do because it brings me joy and these are largely the community activities I am involved in outside of the practice.”

The Sunraysia Medical Centre was established in January 2019 by Dr Mehdi Sanati pour after he had been practising at Tristar.

“Laura is a wonderful member of the medical team in our practice and she typifies our involvement in the community and our holisitc approach to looking after our patients heath,” Dr Sanati pour said.

“I congratulate her on this fine achievement and well deserved award.”

Apart from being an enthusiastic GP registrar, Dr Nield has been actively engaged in community activities by starting up or contributing to community-based initiatives. Her community and social involvements are all unpaid and undertaken in her own time.

Some of Dr Nield’s other achievements include being the Co-Founder of the Alice Springs Zero Waste volunteer group.

Notably she secured a $19,500 grant from the NT Government for the construction of a ‘Wash Against Waste’ trailer to reduce waste at local events and establishing an online presence through the ‘Alice Springs Zero Waste’ Facebook group, where local resources for recycling and sustainability could be compiled, as well as spin-off group ‘Alice Springs Zero Waste Marketplace’, preventing pre-loved goods from entering landfill.

She was also the convener and co-founder of Plastic Free Sunraysia volunteer group, auspiced by the local Sunraysia Sustainability Network (SSN).

In this role, Dr Nield received a $2900 grant from Mildura Rural City Council to fund the production of a website, promoting local opportunities for sustainability including local businesses accepting BYO containers, bulk produce shopping items and recycling outside of that accepted in kerbside collection.

This information was not easily accessible. The only option for access was via a closed Facebook group.

The aim of this project was to make options for sustainable living in Sunraysia available to all, as well as introduce targeted campaigns to reduce Single Use Disposable Plastics within our region.

Dr Nield has also been involved in a number of fund-raising events including the ‘RunRona’ virtual marathon, raising awareness for Closing The Gap with 100 per cent of entry profits going to grassroots initiatives in Aboriginal communities.

She was also team captain for Lime Medical Clinic’s Kidney Health Red Socks Appeal which raised a total of $500 for the cause.

Her passion for teaching lead her to a role as medical educator with MCCC medical education.