IT may have been postponed again, but when the Wind Back the Clock event does go ahead this season at Timmis Speedway, daughter and father combination, Anne and Peter O’Rourke, will be race ready.

The Mildura Speedway Drivers club committee earlier this week made the difficult decision to postpone the meeting once again to hopefully allow for drivers from South Australia who have expressed their interest to compete in the the event. A new date has been set for May 7, 2022.

Drivers, officials and spectators will also need to be fully vaccinated to attend events at the facility in the future, so the committee wanted to allow these people the opportunity to do so, should they choose to, which was another reason for the delay of the event.

Peter O’Rourke has spent the last eight weeks rebuilding one of his old cars – a heavy hot rod.

His daughter, Anne, has restored her B Modified Three Litre over the past few months.

Peter is a life member of the club, and was a founding member of the speedway, and his excitement to get back on track is immense.

Peter started racing in 1964, and built the hot rod pictured the following year. He raced it for five years before changing classes and retiring the car.

He said the fact the club is giving past racers the chance to get back on track in-front of a crowd is “out of this world”.

With plenty of hours being put into getting the car back to its former glory, it is a combination of some original parts and some new ones and is designed to look identical to when it was last on track.

Anne’s Commodore sat in the bush until it was recovered recently to be returned to its previous condition.

She started racing in 1989 as a 16 year old and raced until 1998, when she left the sport to have a family.

The car she has restored was her second original race car, and was built in the mid 1990s.

It features sign writing done by Terry McGowan, identical to that on the car those 30 plus years ago.

Although both cars are a far cry from those racing around the speedway track now regularly, Peter pointed out that during their time, both cars could match it with the best.