NOW in its second week, the Mildura Eisteddfod is a family affair for the Giuliani children with three of them competing in a myriad of categories for 2022.

Pierre, 14, Talya, 11 and Etienne, 8, have been competing for year, and say participating in the Eisteddfod has been a “fantastic experience,” while their mum, Kerry, said it’s provided her kids with confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Eldest Pierre said he finds participating to be “hugely rewarding”.

“I enjoy the build up, practicing, anticipating and finally performing,” he said.

“I also volunteer as an usher for categories that I don’t compete in. I’ve been participating in Eisteddfods since I started school.”

“Receiving feedback from industry professionals is always exciting, sometimes it is confusing, as different adjudicators have different preferences and over the years I have received contrasting messages. But overall I find the feedback to be helpful.

“COVID definitely took away from the overall experience, so I can’t wait to perform properly again.”

Talya described performing in the Eisteddfod as a “way of life” and was inspired by her older brother.

“I have been participating in various categories since prep,” she said.

“I have always been extremely dramatic. I feel alive on stage. It is a place to be me. I spend the entire year building up to the Eisteddfod and I’ve really missed my audience! I love receiving positive feedback.”

The youngest of the trio, Etienne said he’s been participating since prep, and prefers the speech, drama and singing categories.

“My family all do Eisteddfod so I like being with them. My family like singing together,” he said.

“My experience so far has been good. I like the buzz of the competition and being on stage is good practice because I wan to be an actor when I grow up.

“I like the adjudicators because they let me know how I can make myself better.

“In 2020, when the Eisteddfod was cancelled my parents built a stage at home and we had our very own production at home.

“I didn’t mind recording last year because we used our stage again and we also go feedback from the judges too.”

Kerry said given her own background in Eisteddfod performing, she’s thrilled that her kids have the same passion.

“I grew up doing Eisteddfod and loved both the opportunities provided through performance as well as the buzz of healthy competition,” she said.

“I thrived on stage, becoming different characters through each category.

“God gives us all different talents and I feel we should honour Him by sharing those abilities and building each other up.

“I’m thrilled that the children have embraced the performing arts and made them their own. I look forward to seeing them growing into confident, courageous performers and continuing to shine.”