WITH the easing of COVID restrictions surrounding the playing of sport, players from Football Federation Sunraysia were able to get back out on the park last Sunday.

In S League Irymple Knights defeated Three Colours, four to three, and Mildura City got the points over Nichols Point due to forfeit.

In the senior women’s competition Mildura City defeated Three Colours, seven to one, while Irymple Knights claimed the win over Northern Suns, 13 to zero.

Results for other grades are as follows:
Reserve men – Mildura City 10 defeated Three Colours White zero, Three Colours Red three defeated Irymple Knights one and Mildura United seven defeated Nichols Point one.
Over 35s – Mildura City two defeated Nichols Point one and Irymple Knights six defeated Mildura United four.
Under 16s boys – Mildura United 11 defeated Nichols Point zero and Irymple Knights five defeated Three Colours zero.
Under 16s girls – Nichols Point White seven defeated Irymple Knights one and Mildura City seven and Nichols Point Orange zero.
Under 14s – Nichols Point Orange two defeated Irymple Knights zero and Mildura United nine defeated Nichols Point Black zero.
Under 13s girls – Irymple Knights three defeated Nichols Point Orange zero.
Under 12s – Irymple Knights Green 11 defeated Irymple Knights White two, Nichols Point Orange six defeated Three Colours one, Mildura City Black defeated Mildura United on forfeit and Mildura City Red eight defeated Nichols Point Black zero.

ABOVE: George Stamation comes under pressure from Stefan Gallo and BELOW: Mel Ficarra gets the kick away in his game on the weekend. Photos: GLENN MILNE.