Jordan Stewart, PICTURED RIGHT, is becoming accustomed with the life of a full-time speedway rider, both in Australia and in Europe. Two riders who also understand the lifestyle are fellow Mildura stars Jaimon Lidsey, LEFT, and Justin Sedgmen, CENTRE. Photo: Wade Aunger


IT’S no holiday being a full-time speedway rider, but Jordan Stewart wouldn’t have it any other way.

Following a sixth-month period racing in the UK and Europe, the 21-year-old from Red Cliffs has already raced in back-to-back weekends since coming home.

His calendar is already booked out for the majority of the Australian summer, with the 2020 Australian Solo Speedway Championship in January his biggest test, before returning to duties with the Redcar Bears in Middlesbrough.

The runner-up in the Australian Under-21 Championship in January tasted some success at the end of his second British season, helping Redcar to win the Speedway Great Britain Knock Out Cup over Newcastle.

“That was cool. I’m pretty sure it’s the first bit of silverware Redcar has actually won in a few years, so they were stoked, and so were all us riders,” Stewart said.

“That was our last meeting for the year so it was good to finish that off.

“It was a bit of a hectic night for me as that was on the Sunday night and I flew out that Monday morning so it was a long drive to the airport and getting everything sorted there, but we got the trophy which was the main thing.

“It was my first year last year and that was very tough, going to all the tracks and not really knowing what I was in for.

“This year it was a bit of pressure off my shoulders as I knew what I had to do and enjoyed myself a lot more. I had a lot more fun and the points came and everything started working out.

“I managed to get set up a lot better, and it was a good year, all in all.”

Almost immediately upon returning home, Stewart looked to make his mark in the Victorian Solo Titles, but unfortunately a crash left him unable to continue as fellow Mildura rider, Justin Sedgmen, went on to win the title.

The racing continued last weekend at Olympic Park, where Stewart looked to defend his title as Jason Lyons Solo Trophy champion. The honour this year, however, went to his best mate Jaimon Lidsey.

“The Vic titles didn’t really start too well,” Stewart said.

“I went out in practice and the drama started from there, to be honest. I snapped a chain in practice, I came in and Charles and Cooper, two of my mates, changed the engines and I went back out and had two wins.

“I thought this was alright but then I had a bit of a crash and knocked my head…I probably knocked some sense back in!

“I just pulled out after that, my head didn’t feel right and there is a big summer coming up with plenty of important meetings so I need to be 110 percent fit for them.

“It was good to see Sedgy up there, and Jaimon obviously made the final although I think he had a bit of bad luck too.”

Stewart said he was already preparing for another tilt at the Australian titles.

“This year I’ve set a few goals for the Australian Title rounds,” he said.

“Last year I started off pretty well and then I went to Mildura, my home track, and it all just went downhill from there.

“The thing is with the Aussies it’s five rounds, it’s not one and done. You’ve got to maintain it all the way through, which is a tough thing mentally and physically. I’m really looking forward to that one.

“November and December is booked out, then the Aussies are in January so there is no holiday being a speedway rider but it’s the best job in the world and we love it.”