Judi Johnson knows all about the rollercoaster of managing mental health. It’s something that she’s never shied away from talking about.

This week, Judi rocked up to her favourite Mildura hair salon for a vibrant and colourful transformation.

Judi, 61, is taking part in the Colour Your Hair challenge to raise awareness and funds for mental health research into depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

“I’ve been managing my own mental health challenges for over 40 years,” Judi said.

Now sporting hair of bright purple, blue, red and orange to ensure she really stands out in the crowd.

Judi says: “If I bump into someone down the street and they ask me why my hair looks the way it does, it will open up a conversation and they will know that I’m here to lend a friendly ear and provide some support.”

I have seen volunteers in my workplace also suffer from mental health problems, some with no help at all and so I felt I simply needed to get involved and participate in the Colour Your Hair challenge.” she said.