Due to the Covid lockdowns and restrictions which prevented events from being staged, last year’s MASP annual meeting was held via Zoom and its awards ceremony was unable to be held.

On Wednesday, MASP held its staff awards and also announced the 2020 Godden Award winner was Mildura businessman Garry Davison who has been a long time supporter of the organisation. Established in 2007, the Godden Award recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to the aims of MASP and the wider community.

As a tribute to the significance of volunteerism, altruism and community mindedness in supporting the delivery of crucial community services, the award was named in honour of two long-time MASP foster carers – the late Barb and Noel Godden.

MASP Child, Youth and Family Services program manager, Greg Robinson said that the Godden Award was established quite some time ago and was in recognition of the volunteerism of Barb and Noel and their foster care efforts.

“It is the most significant award that MASP bestows upon community members to recognise the service and contribution provided by volunteers,” he said.

“MASP was built on the history of volunteers and if we look back, a lot of services were provided by volunteer labour not government funding, but rather people coming together.”

MASP board chair, Caroline Smith said that Mr Davison’s contribution to MASP has been nothing short of exemplary.

“Garry has supported MASP for more than 16 years and to acknowledge his contribution a residential unit block was name in his honour in 2014,” she said.

“MASP is proud to have named Garry Davison as the 2020 Godden Award winner.”

Mr Davison said he was taken aback to receive the prestigious award, given he likes to stay ‘below-the-radar’ with the community work he and his companies undertake.

“I have been involved with MASP virtually since its inception,” Mr Davison said.

“I think we first started doing things with MASP in 1998, which included sponsoring the gala ball and numerous other things followed.
“We have just been happy to lend a hand to this great organisation. We don’t only do it for MASP, we also assist quite a few other organisations in the Sunraysia region too.
“We try to stay under the radar. I have been a local all of my life and employ local people and my family has a long history in Mildura and I remember my grandfather was in a wheelchair and did it fairly tough, and he was helped by different organisations back 50 or 60 years ago and I haven’t forgotten that.
“My son and daughter are also community- minded and have been involved in some projects recently, and I am sure they will continue to support MASP and other worthy causes in the years to come when I step back from things a bit.”