IN these unusual times, innovation is coming to the forefront, and a company that’s a leader when it comes to innovative ideas -McDonalds – is providing a handy solution for people wanting to pick up their daily staples.

Macca’s are helping to make it more convenient to pick up the basics, in a fast, safe and contact-free method. People can now buy essentials like milk, English muffins and gourmet bread rolls at the company’s drive-thru.

The list of ‘grocery essentials’ that have been added to McDonald’s convenience menu for a limited time only include:

• 12pk Cage Free Eggs

• English Muffins (6 pack)

• Burger Buns (6 pack)

• 2L Full Cream Milk

• 2L Skim Milk

• 1L Soy Milk

• 1L Almond Milk

• 1L Lactose Free Milk

Macca’s also offer a convenient way skip the ‘Order & Pay’ process at their restaurants, allowing you to order in advance via the mymacca’s app. By doing so, when you arrive to your local Macca’s, all you’ll need to do is select your pick-up method.

McDonald’s have also launched another feature on their mymacca’s app called ‘Curbside’, which will operate from 5am to10pm, and will allow customers in large vehicles, typically emergency services and trucks who can’t fit in the drive-thru, to order via the app. The order will then be delivered to their vehicle in the carpark by a team member.

McDonald’s Mildura franchise Leigh Colbert says the initiatives are proving very popular with their customers.

“People are really responding to the service we are providing and McDonald’s have been quite savvy in coming up with the idea to provide the staples – bread, milk and eggs at our drive-thru, in a virtually contactless transaction, which saves people having to otherwise go to the supermarket and they also avoid having to queue,” he said.

Mr Colbert said that like all businesses in Australia, McDonalds was feeling the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.

“We have 370 employees across our two restaurants, and my main aim is to keep my team members together and we know that a lot of people in our community are hurting and so this is a really good opportunity to put a smile on their faces and keep them employed – we haven’t had to let anyone go,” he said.

“We are hanging in there doing our best – everyone is banding together – it’s a difficult time for a lot of people, and we understand that, and we will do our bit to serve the community.”