Having only been up and running for two weeks due to COVID restrictions, ‘AJAYS Maker Space and Gaming’ is already attracting a strong crowd of enthusiastic gamers.

The gaming centre, located at 54 Tenth Street, offers a wide range of role-playing, table-top and board games, provided by Red Belly games in Merbein, for people young and old, ranging from Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Lord of the Rings to Hearthstone, Star Wars, My Little Pony, and many more.

At a charge of only $5 for a day’s play and an extra $5 during tournaments, AJAYS has proven to be a hit.

“People come from Mildura, Red Cliffs, Wentworth, Lake Cullulleraine, all over the place,” owner Leanne Perry said.

“We’re open pretty much all day but most things really kick-off at about 3pm and sometimes people will be here playing until 12 or 1am, which is completely fine.”

“We’ve got games for everyone and we’re also looking at running NERF wars down at the aero ovals, once a month beginning in second term, where kids can bring a NERF blaster or hire one and shoot at each other and mum and dad, all that fun stuff.
“We’re also about to hopefully hook up with Council and run events where 60-70 people all get together in one building and play video games.”

The new centre isn’t just a spot for gamers though, with an array of activities set to take place there throughout the year and into the distant future.

This is all part of an attempt to cater for everyone and give the community a place to enjoy themselves.

“We’re really working hard on the crafting side of things, we’re teaching people to paint the game figurines and to make their own terrain to play on. I’ve also got scrapbooking for the ladies, jewellery making, and I do custom coffee mugs and tee shirts,” Leanne explained.

“Hopefully we’ll be running jewellery classes for kids aged around five, six and up during school holidays, and we want to get involved in the charity side of things too with schools and other organisations, letting them sell coffee mugs, jewellery and stuff like that.
“Basically we’ll have a crack at everything.”

Overall, Leanne has been thrilled with AJAYS so far and is happy to see the gaming community get back together.

“I’m a gamer, my partner’s a gamer, and we know how close-knit the gaming community is. We love the community and to be able to get everyone together after being thrown a curve ball with COVID is great.”

For more information or if you’re interested in what AJAYS has to offer, contact 0457 045 787 or email Ajays1983@hotmail.com.