GLIDING enthusiasts in Sunraysia have a new way to see the skies and observe the weather conditions at the airfield without having to be on the ground there.
Sunraysia Gliders Club has received a donation from Mildura CCTV and Data to install some surveillance cameras, and the benefits are two-fold.
The installation is valued at almost $7000 and 23-year-old company director, and club member, Jayden Bashford, says the eight new cameras will help with security on the ground, and safety in the air.
“We’ve donated a full camera system to the gliding club for a bit of security and a weather station so any of the members can access the cameras from home, have a look at the weather stations,” he said.
“They can see what’s happening out at the club, who’s flying, things like that and a bit of security for the club as well
There are eight cameras, covering the perimeter of the gliding club, the airstrips and inside the hangars where the gliders are.
The cameras can operate internally or externally and are weather-proof.
They are all physically wired back to a network video recorder which has a hard drive in it – that stores all the footage.