Friday night football made it’s debut in the Millewa Football Netball League last week and it was a huge success.

With the installation of new lighting at their ground, Gol Gol Football Netball Club hosted the event – with two football and five netball games being held.

“Friday night was absolutely sensational in terms of the crowd,” club president Paul Mensch said.

“It was unprecedented, it would have to be the largest crowd we have had at Gol Gol for a home and away game ever.

“The car park was six deep.

“So as far as that goes, it was a really big win.”

Gol Gol hosted Meringur over who they had resounding wins in both football matches.

Mensch said the only hiccup for the night was the playing surface becoming slippery as the night progressed and the colder temperature set in.

“But it was the same for both sides and there was a hell of a lot of scoring done, and accurate scoring,” he said.

There was also a slight issue with dust from the bordering dirt road drifting on field making visibility slightly tricky, but Mensch the club will have this watered before the next home night game to ensure cars using the road didn’t stir it up and cause the same problem.