Greens candidate Cathryn Milne. Photo: PAUL MENSCH


THE Victorian Greens have named local resident Cathryn Milne as its candidate for the seat of Mildura at the upcoming Victorian election this November.

Ms Milne is the third candidate to be announced for the Mildura seat, and will run against independent candidate Ali Cupper and incumbent Member for Mildura, the National Party’s Peter Crisp.

Ms Milne, 31, said she was looking forward to the challenge of trying to win what is widely considered a safe National Party seat, believing that the time was right for a change in local representation at State level.

“I have been quite vocal about environmental care and humanities for a few years now, and also organised the Wentworth to Broken Hill pipeline protest in February this year,” she said.

“I’ve always been interested in politics, and it’s great to be able to learn from people who have been where I am… I love a challenge.

“I would love to shift the stats here (away from the National Party) and I don’t think it’s unreasonable that this safe seat becomes marginal this election.”

Ms Milne said there were four aspects to her campaign.

“Public transport is number one, and that includes bringing the passenger rail back,” she said. “Achieving 100 percent renewables is also important, as I believe it’s time for some clean energy around our district.

“I am pro-solar, as long as those sites are based away from prime agricultural land.

“Saving our forests and wetlands is also a priority. Our river is under threat through the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission and mishandling.

“I will also be advocating for our services. We need to step away from privatisation and put our public hospital for example back in the public’s hands. It has to be people over money.”

Ms Milne, PICTURED, said it was her belief that all four priorities could be achieved “straight away.”

Ms Milne has just completed a Master of Social Work, and currently works with Arts Mildura.

“I am helping to bring the community together through festivals,” she said. “I was also an exporter for seven years.”

Ms Milne will join Greens candidate for the Upper House seat of Northern Victoria, Nicole Rowan, tomorrow night. Ms Rowan, who will also be in town attending a passenger rail rally organised by the North West Rail Alliance (NWRA), and will help launch Ms Milne’s campaign.

Ms Milne said she would also attend the NWRA rally tomorrow morning.

“We’re having a party at the Museum of Innocence from 7pm to 9pm,” she said. “The night will be open to Greens and Greens-curious, and will also provide the opportunity for questions to be asked of myself and Nicole.”

Ms Milne said that she supported a number of commitments made during the election, including the State Coalition’s commitment to build a $7million drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mildura, saying it was “necessary and overdue.”

While some may question Ms Milne’s young age, the 31-year-old said there was no age limit to be able to listen to constituents.

“My role is to listen to the people. How old do you have to be to have ears?” she said.