“Where there is a will, there is a way,” 22-year-old karter Harry Lynch declares.

It’s that very attitude that has seen Lynch, who is T4 paraplegic (paralysed from the waist down) take up kart racing in the last six months.

From Ouyen, Lynch is an inspiration to many. He became paraplegic in 2016.

“I was practicing for the Easter Arena Cross at the track up here,” Lynch said.

“And I come a gutser and wrote myself off.”

Given his background in motorsport, it was always going to be hard to keep Lynch away from it – it was just a matter of the school teacher nutting it all out.

“I used to race motorbikes and I was looking for something similar,” Lynch said.

“I enjoy working on motors, and I thought karts was something I could do a bit more easily.
“A lot of the farmers in Ouyen got into dirt karts four or five years ago and one of them was selling theirs so I thought I would buy it and fiddle around with it and try and figure it out.”

Lynch met with retired speedway rider and former world champion Leigh Adams initially.

Adams is also confined to a wheelchair, and had previously adapted a kart to his needs.

“His kart setup wasn’t really similar at all to what my needs were, as he has use of one of his legs and I don’t, so he didn’t need to modify the brake set up,” Lynch said.

“And the brakes are the hard thing, the accelerator is easy.
“When you are doing bitumen racing, you really want those brakes to work well.”

Back to the drawing board, Lynch said he fiddled around with his kart in the shed and did some research on the internet.

It wasn’t long before he stumbled across a fix – and soon he had both the accelerator and brakes controlled by levers on either side of the steering wheel.

The rest, as they say, is history but Lynch has a message for other paraplegics who might need some encouragement to follow their motorsport ambitions.

“There are ways to doing these types of things – you just have to work it out,” Lynch said.