Mildura’s Langtree Inn cafe, located in the mall, was once again restricted to selling takeaway food and beverages due to the COVID lockdown put in place at midnight last Thursday.

Co-owner, Haydar Pehlivan, has now been in the same place several times before and believes locking down Mildura is avoidable.

“It is frustrating that whenever there is an outbreak in Melbourne, places like Mildura are closed down and yet we haven’t had any COVID here for more than a year,” he said when the ‘Weekly spoke with him earlier this week.
“We are a long way from Melbourne and businesses are very vulnerable to being damaged and our workers are losing their wages. They are worried about how they are going to be able to pay the rent.”

Mr Pehlivan believes that authorities should lockout the rest of the state from our region and effectively keep the border closed to Mildura.

“The police could set-up road blocks on the main highways leading to this region and put that ring of steel around Melbourne again,” he said.

“I have heard of one business that said that in just one week they will lose $50,000. Can you imagine what 50 businesses will lose?
“For almost 15 months we haven’t had one single case in Mildura − Melbourne is 600 kilometres away, so keep those residents out of Mildura and let us open our businesses.
“These lockdowns have impacted businesses and families. Lockdowns have affected a lot of people and it’s not necessary − if it was, I would support it, but it’s not.”