SuniTAFE’s heavy automotive workshops at Mildura and Swan Hill campuses have taken delivery of two Cummins X15 training engines to ensure students are using the very latest equipment to hone their skills.

Valued at $120,000 each, SuniTAFE has purchased two of only 10 training engines in Australia.

SuniTAFE CEO, Geoff Dea said that partnering with Cummins South Pacific enables SuniTAFE to be at the pinnacle of the industry with the most current technology.

“Specialised training features include AdBlue, fault finding, diagnoses, state of the art simulation in heavy diesel engine management and fuel system technology,” Mr Dea said.

The X15 engine is an absolute undisputed leader in its class for heavy-duty diesel engines.

It holds the latest extra-high pressure injection fuel system, which delivers 15 per cent greater horsepower with 60 per cent more torque than its predecessor.

The system is equipped with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which relates to the emission system technology.

This component is at the forefront of industry emissions systems.

SuniTAFE Heavy Automotive teacher Peter McLean said the purchase will allow SuniTAFE to teach apprentices about our environmental footprint and the future of heavy-duty diesel power systems.

“The X15 also offers the benefit of Cummins Connected Diagnostics, remote monitoring technology that wirelessly connects the user’s engine for instant analysis and recommended action when a fault code is generated on any piece of equipment equipped with telematics,” Mr McLean said.

“It’s important for the students to learn using the latest training equipment. This simulation will cater to about seven different competency units and map performance criteria for the Automotive Retail, Service and Repair (AUR20) training package.”

Mr Dea added that the addition of the X15 engines “is a real boost to our heavy automotive programs and will give students a huge advantage in preparing them for their future careers in the industry”.

“SuniTAFE’s Heavy Automotive Department is very excited about the vast benefits SuniTAFE students will receive from having such a tremendous training resource,” he said.