IF Hollywood hadn’t heard of the Roccisano sisters already, it sure knows them now!

Mildura-born and raised fashion and beauty queens, Bianca and Bridgett Roccisano have always known how to throw a party – after all, these are the same girls who had a cash-filled pinata at their last event − but their recent Halloween bash in West Hollywood has undoubtedly caused an epic, worldwide buzz, attracting media attention from publications including Vogue magazine, Papermag and E! Online.

The sisters, who are the entrepreneurial masterminds behind Melbourne Stylists, fashion label Bianca and Bridgett, the world-first skincare line for breasts known as Booby Tape and their own uber-successful mentoring business, hosted a Squid Games Halloween bash that boasted A-list celebrities including Paris Hilton, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Anna Kendrick, Paris Jackson, Robert Pattinson, Demi Lovato, Kaia Gerber, Emma Roberts, Rebel Wilson and Jaden and Willow Smith.

But the pair said hosting the celebrity-filled soiree is just “all in a days work” for two Mildura girls who “like to make noise.”

“We’d been discussing throwing an event for Halloween for a long time,” Bianca said.

“I knew that I was relocating to LA where Halloween was a much bigger thing than it is in Australia, so it was in the pipeline for a long time.

“This is how we do business – we like to make noise! A part of our marketing strategy is when you throw events that are crazy, it captures the right attention and helps get your brand noticed and talked about.”

So how exactly does one get celebrities of this calibre to attend a party, in LA, when there are star-studded events galore for them to choose from?

Bridgett explained it’s all about “connections.”

“Over the years, we have developed relationships with some amazing people who introduce us to the right people,” she said.

“When you plan celebrity events, you can never really be sure of who’s coming, because plans change so last minute. So yes, I had a rough idea of who may be attending, but the actual turn out was just overwhelming – everyone in LA is talking about Booby Tape right now!”

Despite frequenting celebrity circles, Bianca admitted the experience can be “incredibly surreal” at times.

“On the night I just stood there thinking, ‘How did two girls from Mildura create something like this?” she laughed.

“Bridgett couldn’t be there because she’s in Melbourne co-ordinating the renovation of the new head office we just purchased. Not attending was something she was incredibly upset about.

But we literally FaceTimed each other the whole day.”

“We plan everything together, and I knew if anyone was to be on the floor in LA coordinating this event, Bianca would have it covered,” Bridgett said.

“As business partners and sisters, it’s so important for us to have that trust in one another, which we definitely do.”

“It really was incredibly surreal and an amazing achievement,” Bianca said.

“There was a point during the night where I was completely overwhelmed, and I went and called Bridgett and then Mum and Dad (local real estate identities Tony and Frances Roccisano) and I said, ‘I’m completely overwhelmed!’ and they, like always, were there to support me with words of encouragement.

“We had prayed for a few A-listers to turn up, but this was the hottest Halloween party, I would dare say, in the world and it was just a complete honour to have our brand so publicised on the night.”

With multi-million dollar businesses under their stylish belts, celebrities including Eva Longoria, Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Graham and Lexi Wood wearing the Bianca and Bridgett label regularly, Booby Tape being stocked in more than 40 countries worldwide and with more than 2000 stockists and their consulting business turning over $40,000 in just 24 hours – what could possibly be on the cards next for these business powerhouses?

“Oh, we’re nowhere near ready to slow down yet,” Bianca said.

“Obviously COVID threw a lot of our business plans into chaos, as it did for so many people around the world, but we’ve adapted, we’ve grown and now we’re ready to show the world what two girls from Mildura can do.”

“There are more plans, more events, more everything, on the way for us,” Bridgett added.

“Our parents taught us the value of hard work. They’ve instilled in us from a very young age that you will only get somewhere in life through sheer grit and determination, and that’s the advice that we’ve taken with us through not only our lives, but our business ventures.

“We have so much more to give, and we are so excited to share that with the world.”

Party photos: Jamie Bruce

ABOVE: Australian actress Rebel Wilson at the party.

ABOVE: : Bianca Roccisano and Paris Hilton at the recent ‘A’ lister Hollywood party.